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Our Purpose

MoviWear is dedicated ensuring the health and safety of our loved ones. Taking care of our elderly loved ones is vital, which is why MoviWear has created technologies to make aging in place an accessible solution for everyone. With devices equipped with heart rate monitors, fall detection and GPS tracking, taking care of our elders has never been easier. Our services are catered to the following:

  • Senior Care
  • Aging-In-Place
  • Geriatric Care
  • Respite Care
  • Home Care
  • Retirement Communities
  • Retirement Homes
  • Caregivers
  • PSW Agencies
  • Insurance Providers
  • Independent Living Communities
  • Alzheimer's Care Communities
  • Dementia Care Communities
  • Long Term Care Facilities

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The Platform

Our platform is an all encompassing solution for monitoring end users through our devices and back end framework. We will give you access to a dashboard that measures vitals, tracks location, and provides voice contact for all those that your company cares for. Work with us to set up a third party monitoring solution or have staff monitor your users internally. Whatever your needs we can work with you to provide a monitoring solution. Whatever it takes to ensure the safety of those you care for, we believe in taking the steps necessary to providing that solution.

How it works:

End users wear either the Nurture Watch or Pequeño Guardián. These devices monitor the users and send their information back to our backend framework. From there two levels of precaution exist. First is the people monitoring the users. A person watching the vitals dashboard or receiving alerts from the system can act when emergencies take place. The second level gives the user control allowing them to send distress calls to love ones or care providers programmed into the device. Those are communicated by alert notifications and voice calls. These two levels allow us to ensure that the end users WILL get actionable responses from any emergency with 24/7 availability.

Our Products


The NurtureWatch comes equipped with a variety of services that include heart rate monitoring, pill reminders, distress calls, and geofencing. All of these services can be setup directly from the app to ensure your loved ones are safe and always taken care of. The NurtureWatch comes with the following items:

  • The NurtureWatch
  • Charger and cable
  • One year of service

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Pequeño Guardián

The Pequeño Guardián ensures the safety of the wearer with its SOS button feature. At anytime the user may press the button and initiate a distress call to one of the preprogrammed phone numbers. The Pequeño Guardián comes with the following items:

  • Pequeño Guardián SOS device
  • Basic charging station and cable
  • Pendant (lanyard)
  • One year of service

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NurtureWatch Infinity

The NurtureWatch Infinity is the updated 4G version of the NurtureWatch that comes equipped with longer battery life and a new upgraded charging station. More details will be released soon, but the watch will come with the following items:

  • The NurtureWatch Infinity
  • Convenient charging station
  • One year of service


What can MoviWear do for you?

MoviWear gives you a platform to reduce costs and increase the value of your services by giving you the tools to monitor and ensure the safety of your clients. If you have at risk people in your care, or would benefit from preventing and reducing the response time of emergencies then make the move to using our tech forward solutions.

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Contact Us

Send us your name and email as well as any questions you have for us. Let us know what it is you need to for your company, and how MoviWear can work with you to help create those solutions with our platform. You can also send us any inquires for partnerships, or if you would rather contact us in a different way, our contact information is at the bottom of the page here.



Meet Our CEO

Jacob Moshinsky, CEO of the company, created MoviWear when his great uncle reached an elderly age and had a scary moment.

I wish my family would have been able to know that he fell so they could save him. By the time they reached him it was too late.

Jacob Moshinsky

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